A little bit about me...

My name is Sylvia Gilford, a California native originally from Los Angeles. 
A locally trained graphic designer and photographer, I have studied, worked,
and lived on the Central Coast for over 18 years. Many of those years have been 
devoted to supporting the arts – our local theatre (PCPA), and local artists – designing
marketing collateral, and assisting with special events and publicity requirements. 

Photography evolved from my graphic design development, and blossomed into
a full-fledged hobby with a fierce determination to hone my skills (and vision). My
involvement with the Santa Maria Camera Club helped tremendously in my artistic
growth. As a group we have logged countless miles throughout California and
neighboring states in search of the perfect landscape image. From there, my passion
for photography led me to the festive world of matrimonial ceremonies.

Capturing special moments and beautiful places on this earth brings me great pleasure.
I am open, friendly, and passionate about telling great stories through the art of an image.
My goal is to provide lasting memories that will be shared and enjoyed for many years.

On your wedding day or other meaningful celebration, I will do my best to keep things
simple and pleasurable for everyone involved – before, during, and after the event. My
style is very natural and easy-going, which means I let the day unfold at its own pace,
and I capture compelling moments as they present themselves. 

There certainly are many ways to plan and execute an event. Please feel free to contact
me so we may discuss your plans. My promise to you as a business owner in this community 
is to never accept a job that I honestly don't feel is a good fit for either party.

Best regards,
Sylvia Gilford